Canaan Academy Building (1839)

Canaan Street

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Canaan Street Walk

The Canaan Museum is the starting point of the tour. It is open on Saturday afternoons during the summer months.

The museum is located in the Canaan Union Academy building, built in 1839 by Dr. Thomas Flanders for the Canaan Union Academy. It is a dignified late federal-era structure with an unusual two-story porch. Its open belfry is capped by a low pyramidal roof.

The Academy building was constructed to replace Noyes Academy (built in 1835) after it burned. It is not clear how much the new building deviated from the original building design.

Canaan Union Academy operated, with interruptions, until 1892. The Canaan Public Library moved into the building in 1904. The Canaan Historical Museum began sharing the space in 1961. The library moved to its own larger quarters in the early 1970s, so the Historical Society and Museum are now responsible for the entire building.

The Noyes Academy building was moved to this location from the North end of Canaan Street, There will be more about the original academy when you get to that location.


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