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Torino Winter Olympics

The municipality of Cesana Torinese is the junction between Alta Valle Susa which goes up to Sestriere and the connecting point with the two Olympic Valleys, Susa and Chisone. Situated at an altitude of 1354m, it is subdivided into the following villages: Bousson, Désèrtes, Fénils, Mollierès, Solomiac, Thures, Champlas Seguin, Rhuilles, San Sicario Borgo, San Sicario Alto, Pra Claud.

At the foot of the mountain pass of Montgenevre and just a stone's throw from Sestriere, Cesana is a renowned tourist resort situated at the confluence with the Piccola Dora. It occupies the centre of the great skiing area of the Via Lattea in contact with the slopes on the Montgenevre through the lifts of the Monti della Luna and connected to Sestriere's skilifts through the slopes of the ski resort of Sansicario.

In the shade on the stately pyramid of the Chaberton, on whose peak (3,130 metres) at the end of an inaccessible route are the remains of the fort which hosted a powerful artillery battery, Cesana apart from the tourist services has a well kept historical centre which between the Twentieth and Twenty-first centuries was magnificently restructured, around the Parish area of the Baptist in the heart of a very suggestive valley. Downstream, before the entrance to the village, on the state road 24, the charming village of Fenils and on he opposite bank of the Dora the Solomiac baita with the wonderful Casa Dipinta. On the road for Sestriere the beautiful natural balconies of Champlas Seguin can be admired.

In Cesana Torinese the following facilities can be found:

Cesana San Sicario
Cesana Pariol
San Sicario Fraiteve

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