Courage and Hope

Moncton City Hall
655 Main Street
Moncton, New Brunswick, CA

Category: Rose

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In 1998, the December 6th Committee commissioned artist Valerie LeBlanc to complete the sculpture Courage & Hope. The sculpture was designed to commemorate the loss of the fourteen young women killed in an act of violence against women at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, 1989; and to give a sense of inspiration and hope for the future efforts and achievements of girls and women. The sculpture consists of a golden ladder set against a glass wall. At the base of the ladder are the names of the fourteen women who died. Carved on the glass are dreams and aspirations of girls and women. The 'future wishes' were gathered from schools, colleges, the Universite de Moncton, and womens' centres in the Metro Moncton area.


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