Crystal Labyrinth

9647 Skaneateles Turnpike
Brookfield, NY, US

Category: Outdoor, by appointment

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Labyrinths of New England

Contact Person: Marianne Noller

The Crystal Labyrinth. I built this Labyrinth in 2000. It is surrounded and centered with Herkimer diamonds (crystals). It is an outdoor 11 circuit labyrinth covering a full acre of land and made of Earth and flowers with a 3 ft wide path to a center large enough to have a gazebo made of poles and a recycled 10 ft satellite dish. Since the center is 45 ft in diameter I am making benchs that will honor each life form, I have started with the 6th (the unknown) I am calling it “Cosmic” and doing carvings of the Universe such as my version of a Supernova, the Earth and moon, comets, spirals etc.

Source: Labyrinth Guild of New England