Depression Era Protest, March 11, 1932

Humboldt Park
Chicago, IL,

Category: Strikes/Riots

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A demonstration in Humboldt Park on March 11, 1932 protested the distribution of rotten food at the Emerson Relief Station. Protestors carrying signs reading "We Want Milk for Our Babies" and "No More Evictions" were set upon by club wielding police. Eighteen were arrested, including five women. The Chicago Tribune and Chicago Police Department accused "reds" of leading the protest. In this largely Scandinavian enclave, Danes took exception to this characterization in their foreign-language paper, the Danish Times. In their version of events, the protestors were peaceful and not affiliated with communists. In the wake of the riot the poor were not given rotten surplus anymore, but certificates that could be used in any food store, so that the unemployed could buy what they wanted.