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*HighWaterLine* - Verrazano to Battery Tunnel

I met Eileen round about here. She was Scottish, but had lived in Bay Ridge for over 20 years (still had the brogue though). She stopped me because she was concerned that I was going to hurt my back leaning over to wheel the Heavy Hitter (I have to keep the front wheels up when it is full - 50 pounds full - so that the chalk doesn't get gummed up by the rotor inside), she gave me the idea to wheel it behind me, which was a great innovation for when the chalker was empty! She was interested in the affects of climate change locally and was interested to hear about the previous "perfect storm" which hit New York in 1938, creating a wall of water 20 feet high which hit Battery Park in Manhattan. She took an action packet and I saw her standing looking over the water reading all of the cards.