Flying Mountain

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Flying Mountain is one of the lowest peaks in Acadia, yet it offers some of the best views. It can be climbed as part of a short out-and-back scramble or a longer loop.

This scenic trail over tiny Flying Mountain leaves the east side of the parking area at the Fernald Cove end of the Valley Cove truck road and rises quickly to the summit. It follows the summit ridge north to a point overlooking Valley cove, then descends quickly and steeply through spruce woods. At the edge of Valley Cove, the trail follows the shore north over rock slides and under forbidding Eagle Cliff to end at a junction with the Acadia Mountain Trail at Man O'War Brook.

At Valley Cove, the north terminus of the truck road can be located up the bank about 75 yards south from the water's edge. For an easy return to the Fernald Cove parking area, follow the road south for about 0.5 mi.

ROUNDTRIP DISTANCE - 0.6 miles (0.97 km) [Short Route] --- 4.6 miles (7.4 km) [Longer Route]

SUMMIT - 284 ft. (87 m)