Fort Sheridan

1st Street & Sheridan Road
Fort Sheridan, IL 60037, USA

Category: Strikes/Riots

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Labor Trail

Fort Sheridan was an Army post founded November 8, 1887, three days before the execution of the Haymarket Martyrs in Chicago. Founded specifically to quell labor resistance and protect North Shore mansions from angry employees in Chicago, the fort was founded with a 632 acre donation to the Army by the Commercial Club of Chicago, spearheaded by Marshall Field, George Pullman and Senator C.B. Farwell. The actual deed was issued through "straw men" Bartlett, Hutchinson & Janes (along with their wives) and the Commercial Club was specifically not listed, as the Club's charter prohibited it from owning or donating property. In June 1894, troops were mobilized from Fort Sheridan to put down the Pullman Strike. And President Grover Cleveland ordered the 15th Infantry & 7th Cavalry from Fort Sheridan to put down a strike at the Union Stockyards. This would be the last time troops at the Fort would be used to attack labor actions in Chicago. Fort Sheridan was decommissioned May 28, 1993 in a cost-cutting move. Other notable events: the imprisonment at the fort of Lakota warriors after the Battle of Wounded Knee, and its use as a training and staging camp for both World Wars.