Giordano, Michael

88 Sherburne Ave
St Paul, Minnesota, US

Category: Stonecutter

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Capitol Construction Workers

1900 St. Paul City Directory and Census. This boarding house, at 88 Sherburne, hosted many stonecutters and other Capitol workers.
Michael Giordano was born in Italy in 1854 and emigrated in 1877. He was a proud member of the Stone Cutters Union and served as President of the Tate, Georgia local in 1898. The 1899 St. Paul City Directory says that he had recently moved to Tate,Georgia, where the marble for the Capitol was quarried, that year. By 1900 he was back in St. Paul working for Butler-Ryan Co. He was an activist in the Union while here and the Union Advocate announced in August 1900 that he was moving to New Jersey where he had found a more lucrative position. However, by 1907 Giordano was back in Marble Hill, Georgia reorganizing the lapsed local there. (Stone Cutters Journal April 1907 and December 1909).