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Mantic Games Club and Opponent Finder

club meets weekly on a Tuesday 7.00-8.00 till 11.00 (ish) for wargames and Sundays 16.00 onwards for boardgames, longer/larger wargames.and DreadBall.
Games played: King’s of War, Dreadball, War Machine/Hordes, Malifaux, Monsterpocalypse, Dystopian Wars, WFB, WH40k, Infinity, Flames of War, 15mm sci-fi, Confrontation (3.x), Hell Dorado, BFG, Alzo Zero WWII, Necromunda, Blood Bowl, historicals in various eras and settings, occasionally Wizkids Pirates games, All Things Zombie, Talisman, Munchkin, LoTR, AT-43, Alkemy, Space Hulk, loads of FFG boardgames and just about anything else anyone wants to try out, we are mostly an open-minded lot!