Henrici Restaurant

67 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60601, US

Category: Strikes/Riots

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Labor Trail

A strike began on 5 February 1910 at Henrici's Restaurant. The strike followed six months of negotiations between restaurant workers in the "loop" district and their employers. Although over 100 restaurants agreed on a scale of hours and wages and the right of workers to unionize, a handful of restaurants refused. One of the first restaurants to refuse was Henrici's.

Henrici responded to the demands of its workers by firing all union members. These workers, in turn, formed a peaceful picket. The restaurant attempted to undermine the strike by taking out newspaper ads claiming the strikers were radicals and not former employees. The police made over 125 arrests at the picket and were charged by strikers with brutality. Hull House co-founder Ellen Gates Starr was arrested for picketing on 2 March 1914.

Henrici's was successful in obtaining an injunction against the right of workers to picket.