Hiway House

3148 E Van Buren St
Phoenix, AZ 85008, US

Category: Demolished

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Van Buren

Build by Del Webb. It was a large hotel complex and convention center. Their motto: "Sleep is our business." The Hiway House advertised itself as the "King size playground of the South West," with a miniature train to attract the kids in the back seat. The Hiway House lasted about ten years and then was sold off. It went through several owners before the State of Arizona purchased the property and converted it to a women's prison, which is now closed/demoed.

The miniature train was known as the Arizona & Pacific Railroad and the locomotive (word loosely used, there) was Engine No. 1 of the A&PRR, also called the "Phoenix." The tracks went from outside the lobby around the pool, through the gardens, to the cabanas. Even after the resort was sold, the train stayed on site in storage I guess, and was sold by the Department of Corrections in a public auction when they acquired the buildings (1995).