Hutcheson, William J.

455 1/2 Wabasha St N
St Paul, Minnesota, US

Category: Carver

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Capitol Construction Workers

1899-1901 City Directories. William J. Hutcheson was half of the Purdy and Hutcheson Co., a Chicago based ornamental sculpture firm, that did the stone carving at the Capitol. Hutcheson was born in Scotland in 1857 and died in St Paul in 1907. Like the other stone carvers he was a member of the Journeyman Stone Cutters of North America and he cleared into the St. Paul local in February of 1900. Hutcheson had worked as a stone carver in Paris and Glasgow before coming to America. In the U.S. he worked in New York in 1888 and also on Burton Hall at the University of Minnesota in 1894. He settled in St. Paul with his wife and daughter and lived here until his death in 1907.