Josephine Chakasim Memorial, Moosonee

Moosonee, ON
Moosonee, Ontario, CA

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Josephine Chakasim Memorial
Moosonee, Ontario

Remarks by Rachel Chakasim at a memorial for her sister Josephine Chakasim held in Moosonee, Ontario on 2009 December 5th.

Awareness in violence is needed in our community to let others who have suffered and are suffering know that they are not alone. It is by sharing we help ourselves to heal and to help others. Everyone is affected by violence.

My name is Rachel Chakasim. I'm the daughter of the late Joseph and Hannah Chakasim. In our family 4 sons and 8 daughters were born to my parents. We lost our youngest sister through violence. To my knowledge my sister was a non-drinker and she worked at the Moosonee Lodge.

This happened in 1977 and it caused a lot of pain and suffering for her friends and family. I can recall seeing the emotional turmoil this caused to my mother. I will always remember her tears and feeling her broken spirit.

Our father, Joseph, was one of the sons born to Sarah Chakasim, my grandmother. My father talked to us, his children, and told us not to seek earthly justice, but to find healing through forgiveness.

This teaching was passed on from my grandmother, Sarah, to her children, then to us. Now I am sharing with you, that through forgiveness comes healing. If we choose to hold onto unforgiveness it will only destroy our spirit and prevent us from moving forward.
As we journey on this memorial walk for Josephine we will also remember the women killed in Montreal, Sisters in Spirit across Canada and the unseen women who have been affected by violence.
Please join us after the memorial walk for refreshments here at the Northern College.

Josephine Chakasim was last seen alive on 1977 April 22nd. Her body was found the following day in Moosonee and her murder remains unsolved.

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