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Pakistan/Islamabad Earthquake

UPDATE: From the Rise-Pak site, this report:"Lamnian, Tehsil Hattian has blocked road access so no relief has reached. Although a helicopter has heli-dropped some food and other necessities."

No tools, no roads, little hope in Lamnian
In the remote quake-hit mountain village of Lamnian, most homes have been destroyed, there are no tools to sift through the rubble and residents are busy burying the dead.

Hope of finding survivors in the ruins was virtually nil as rescue efforts have ground to a standstill, according to Jan-Peter Stellema, who works for the Paris-based medical aid charity Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) in Lamnian.

“I’ve seen very little rescue operations going on today and when I ask people, sometimes they say, ‘Well, we heard them yesterday but then they died’,