Lester C. Litesey Funeral Home

230 College Street
Cedartown , GA 30125, USA

Category: Professional Services

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Historic Downtown Cedartown

230 College St.
In 1935, Lester Litesey Sr. began working for a local funeral home to pay for his brothers funeral expenses after being killed by a motorcar. He later went out on his own after buying a funeral home in Alabama in 1939. In 1940, he moved everything to the location that we are in now. Lester stayed quite busy by running a funeral home and ambulance service. He was the first to have radio dispatch ambulances in Polk Co. Lester Sr.'s wife Sara Davis Litesey, ran a floral shop out of the funeral home as well. Over the years, he saw many changes in the funeral business. In 1952, his son, Lester Litesey Jr. came to help run the family business. In 1968, he and his father over saw a major renovation to the building. His father passed away in 1971. Lester Litesey Jr. went on with the funeral home until his son Lester (Trey) Litesey III came to work in 1979. Lester Litesey Jr. retired in 1993 and turned the funeral home over to his son. Proudly, the funeral home has been a part of this community for three generations.