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Park[ing] Day LA - 2011

Park(ing) Day LA - East Village Creative and 4th Street Long Beach
This year 4th and Linden has seen a major face lift thanks to a lot of really awesome people. I'll tell you about all of them if you come. The AMAZING business owners of Fingerprints Records said YES when I asked him about parking day. His employees with bands also said YES when they asked to play for fee. They also said YES when they asked if they could use their own equipment and set up.. you get the idea. Berlin, my old pal from 4th Street's Portfolio Coffehouse...who BROUGHT park(ing) day to my attention last year and inspired me to do this. Said YES to having it in front of her store and being SOOO helpful and inspiring. ALSO new business owners SHELLY from will be there! and hopefully our friends at soggy dog!!!