McAteer, John

193 W Fuller Ave
St Paul, Minnesota, US

Category: Machine stone worker

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Capitol Construction Workers

1900 St. Paul City Directory and Census. John McAteer was born in Pennsylvania in 1872 of Irish parents. The Aug. 2, 1900 St. Paul Globe reported that "John McAttler" a member of the International Stone Sawyers Union of Tate, GA. was moving from St. Paul to work in Sandstone, MN. He was back in St. Paul working for Butler Bros, however, by 1902 and is also found in the 1905 Payroll records.
This was a popular address for itinerant stone cutters. In 1898 Capitol workers Daniel King, William Harvey and John and Thomas Gibney lived here. John Duchett and Phillip Elliott, also from Georgia, lived here in 1899.