Mill Hill Labyrinth

Kenneth M. Dubuque Memorial State Park
Rt 8A at Hallockville Pond
Hallockville, MA, US

Category: Outdoor, open as listed

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Labyrinths of New England

If you are coming from Hwy 116, turn R after Plainfield, MA onto Rt 8A. The labyrinth is located 2 miles down the road in Kenneth M. Dubuque Memorial State Park. On the way to the park entrance you will see a large pond on your left, take the first left after the pond and park in the lot past the first building, which is the office. The labyrinth is located S of the building, facing the pond and on a hill.

If you are traveling from Rt 2, take Rt 8A in Charlemont and travel south for nine miles. Go slow near the end and watch for the forest gate on your right-- it can sneak up on you. Once inside the Forest, follow same directions as above.
Contact: Paul Bindel
Schedule: Always open
Because of the large amount of snow, the labyrinth will not likely be open from November to mid-April. Keep this in mind.
Type: Classical
Mill Hill Labyrinth is a 7-ring Cretan type, integrating natural landscape. The labyrinth moves about and within nineteen trees and several large rocks. The path plays with the changing sounds of pondwater flowing through a spillway as well as the dynamic incline of the hill.
Material: Rock or Garden
Designer: Paul Bindel
Builder: Paul Bindel
Size: 60 feet
Date installed: August 2, 2008

Source: World-Wide Labyrinth Locator #3402