Misery Bay Gamers

Erie, PA, US

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The Misery Bay Miniature Gamers is a small group of miniature gamers in Erie, PA who share a a passion for miniature gaming.

Our members strive to create beautiful battlefields for our carefully painted figures to fight over.

We focus on historical games from the times of the chariots to the age of fly-by-wire jet aircraft. Our favorite periods include the American War for Independence, the American Civil War and the Second World War.

We also like to expand our interest into fantasy and sci-fiction and will battle with Tie Fighters or send hordes of Orcs against the valiant men of Gondor.

Misery Bay in Erie, PA is named after the hardships endured by the men of Perry's naval squadron, who wintered here 1813-1814 after the crucial Battle of Lake Erie in September 1813. Crew who died during that severe winter were interred through holes in the ice of adjacent Graveyard Pond, which visible to the north from the Misery Bay Bridge.

We honor their sacrifice.