Nargis Bar & Grill

155 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11217, United States

Category: Restaurants

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Nargis Bar & Grill

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Nargis' culinary creations are the relation of businessman and the chef Boris Bangiev, a virtuoso of the culinary art. Everything in Nargis is freehanded and unique - unsurpassed Primal Denizen content, lukewarm and lovesome atmosphere, and orient hospitality.

Nargis Bar and Framework is an trusty Usbek edifice set in the Downtown of Borough, New York, Nargis has rapidly become a well-known transnational negligence for New Yorkers and visitors alike. Since it eldest opened its doors in 2007 Nargis provides a gateway into Uzbek cookery and its uncomparable traditions. Our genuine décor and cozy condition imbue every receive with a taste and consider of Exchange Eastern preparation and society. Our carte includes a difference of items, apiece representing a pyrotechnic of culinary fancy. The main dishes are prepared with exclusive the maximal quality meats, and our homemade "Manti" is a stuff that has upturned first-time customers into systematic visitors.

Nargis Bar & Restaurant provides an nonsuch venue for your closet events much as; brunches, lunch, dinner, date parties, fille showers, weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, kids parties with inflatables, ritual rehearsals, joint events, bar events. You can decide from a show of options and company packages with the malleability to fit your needs and budget.

Our backyard with falls character can follow parties up to 50 sitting or 70 dead, if you advance to be indoor space we can accommodate up to 90 seated and statesman upright. We also message Bar dwell for other events like bar parties.


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