Oasis: The Falafel Joint

206 N Linn St
Iowa City, IA 52245, US

Category: vegan-friendly restaurant

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A very vegan-friendly little Middle Eastern place. Like fast food, but cooked to order, frequently by yours truly. There are lots of meat items, but they're all cooked separately and we're really strict about not letting the meat touch the non-meat items.

Definitely try the falafel; even my omni friends tell me that when they've tried the meat sandwiches, they thought "This is all right, but it needs more falafel." Our owner is almost as strict about authentic falafel as he is about keeping things vegan-friendly. We've been told our falafel is better than anything you can get in Lebanon.

Get some hummus, some baba, some mango curry sauce, maybe some vegan lentil soup if it's one of those gray Iowa days, and kick back and enjoy.

P.S. Avoid the fries; the box says they "may" contain beef fat. I'm trying to get on Naftaly to get some vegan ones, but for now, better safe than sorry. The pita chips are way better anyway.