Pho Hoa Bihn

1615 Madison Ave
Memphis, TN 38104, US

Category: vegan-friendly restaurant

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Family-run Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant in mid-town Memphis. Offers a traditional menu as well as an extensive vegetarian/vegan selection, including many tofu and several wheat glute dishes. There are also noodle and soup dishes on the vegetarian section of the menu.

I recommend the vegetarian spring rolls (around $2.50 two, with dipping sauce) to start out with and personally favor the tofu with pineapple, hunan tofu, and schezwan tofu but there are dishes on offer for a wide range of tastes. Most tofu entrees are $6.50 to $7.50, I believe, with the wheat glute running at the higher end of that range. The food is served family-style, so going in halvsies is great OR you'll have enough left over for lunch the next day.

The restaurant's most popular tofu dish seems to be their lemongrass tofu, which is the one dish they also sell as a half-order (if you aren't splitting the dish with someone else or don't care to have leftovers, this is a good option.)

On weekdays, there is a buffet during the lunch hours and features a number of vegetarian dishes. The buffet is around $5 or $6 per person.

Pho Hoa Bihn doesn't offer much in the way of atmosphere, so you will have to create your own when you dine there. The tasty food more than makes up for anything lacking in the atmosphere department.