Pottle Tree Farm

507 South Meadow Road
Perry, ME, US

Category: Outdoor, open as listed

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Labyrinths of New England
Directions to the Pottle Tree Farm: The tree farm is located at 507 Southmeadow Road in Perry, Maine. From Route 1 North take the left hand turn just before the Perry Farmers Union store. This is Southmeadow Road. The tree farm is 2 1/2 miles from this turn. Where the road splits take the left turn, Southmeadow Road. Look for the tree farm signs on your right. Park anywhere where you are not blocking the driveway to the house or barn.

Clues: 1. Start at the medicine wheel located just to the right of the house. 2. The labyrinth trail starts on the opposite side of the driveway from the medicine wheel. 3. The trail winds to the left side of the barn past an old apple orchard. 4. The Labyrinth itself will be on your right a short distance from the orchard. NOTE: Please take the time to walk the labyrinth and meditate. Jim Pottle once described the labyrinth as "the pathway to inner peace." 5. At the center of the labyrinth, with your back to the entrance, look for a large stump and two cedar trees at approximately 10 o'clock. 6. There will be a low stone wall behind the stump and in front of the two cedar trees. 7. Look for the letterbox in the stone wall in front of the cairn.


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