Purdy, Frederick A.

The Argyle
St. Peter and Central
St. Paul, Minnesota

Category: Carver

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Capitol Construction Workers

1899, 1900 City Directories. The Argyle Hotel was on the southeast corner of St. Peter and Central Ave. which would have been about here.
Frederick Purdy, the son of a sculptor, was born in England in 1857 and came to the U.S. in 1886. He was half of the Chicago based firm, Purdy and Hutcheson, chosen by architect Cass Gilbert to do the stone carving at the Capitol. When he was in town he stayed at The Argyle Hotel though he was back in Chicago at the time of the 1900 Census. Purdy, like the other stone carvers, was a member of the Journeymen Stonecutters Union and he was accepted into the St. Paul local on a traveling card in May of 1899. Also like many stone carvers, he moved around with his work and was back in St. Paul in 1910-11 and in Vermont as late as 1925 still working as a sculptor.