Richmond Leisure Society

West Grace Street
Richmond, VA 23220, USA

Category: Club

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The Richmond Leisure Society is a group with varied and gentlemanly interests. Our pursuits include gaming (of the board, miniatures and role playing varieties), intelligent discussions, riflery and pistolry, and the enjoyment of tobacco in various forms. We are based in Richmond, Virginia.

It is a weekly club that meets at a member's house that has a dedicated room and table for gaming and a secondary area for two overflow games. With over a dozen members, we will often have multiple games running simultaneously.

Please join the Yahoo group and introduce yourself and we'll schedule some games!

Our interests include:
Miniatures Games (Kings of War, Black Powder, Hail Caesar, Mighty Armies, etc)
Board Games (Civilization, Mansions of Madness, Zombicide, etc)
Roleplaying Games (White Box D&D, Traveller, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, etc)