Row of Shophouses at 6 Mile: Goh Ah Bee and Hock Cheong Tailor


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Local Upper Serangoon History Sites

The row of shophouses near the overhead bridge that included Goh Ah Bee, Hock Cheong Tailor, the Bar (for food) and also bicycle shop and wooden clogs makers.

Residents in the area swear by the cheap electronic goods they purchased from Goh Ah Bee. Today, both the tailor and electronics shop still exist today.

Hock Cheong Tailor - Blk 212, Hougang Street 21 #01-333,Phone: 62824992

Goh Ah Bee - Blk 210 # 01-247,Hougang Street 21 6288 8611

Today, the entrance to the MRT station occupies the site.


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