Royal Exchange Square

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Royal Exchange Square
This is a very old part of Glasgow which was recently refurbished to adapt to modern needs. It was originally designed by Archibald Elliot and David Hamilton around 1839. It is defined by the terraces on the north and south of the square, and is closed at the western end by the old Royal Bank Of Scotland (now Borders Books).
In the centre is the Gallery Of Modern Art (GOMA), which once was a mansion house, a Stock Exchange and a Library. It changed to GOMA in 1996. At the same time, a company called Gillespies were asked to make changes to the square itself to make it safer for pedestrians and more attractive. The square changed from a congested street filled with cars to a calm, sophisticated precinct with shops, pavement cafes and seating. The materials used are hard-wearing and attractive. People on foot no longer have to battle with traffic to get from Queen Street to Buchanan Street. The whole area now has a more European feel. Also, the square is now a favourite place for skateboarders to practice tricks on the smooth stone slabs !


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