Shahan, Winfield, Raymond L., Earl N. and Everett

647 Manomin Ave
St Paul, Minnesota, US

Category: Stonecutter

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Capitol Construction Workers

1898,1899,1900 City Directories. In 1898 Everett had been living at William Butler's house but in 1899 the entire Shahan family resided here and worked for Butler-Ryan. The father, Winfield, born in Iowa in 1856, became a supervisor while Raymond (b. 1882, Kansas) worked as a bricklayer and Earl (b.1878, Kansas) was a clerk. Everett (b. 1880, Kansas), who later became an engineer, was the stonecutter who figured the cutting of the marble for the dome of the Capitol. According to Butler Everett built a model of the dome on the floor of the St. Paul Y.M.C.A. (Everett and his brother Emil played in the Y.M.C.A. Mandolin Orchestra lending credence to this story.)
His father, Winfield, a stonemason, was a foreman for the Butlers and two of Everett's brothers, Earl and Raymond, also worked on the Capitol, Earl as a timekeeper and Raymond as a bricklayer. Everett, who also worked for the Butlers on the Detroit-Windsor tunnel, became a civil engineer and eventually moved to Oregon.