Shona Kinloch Sculptures, Italian Centre

Category: Contemporary Public Art

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Statues By Shona Kinloch,
Italian Centre Courtyard, Ingram Street.
Shona Kinloch is a Scottish sculptor. She studied sculpture at Glasgow School Of Art and has become well-known for her unique "chookie-burdie" Lamp-Posts in Garnethill. These castings of a man and a dog, placed at the centre of the restful Italian Centre courtyard, have character and humour. They are very different to the Alexander Stoddart sculptures sited here, and are also different again from the frieze and figures on the back wall of the courtyard by Jack Sloan. They have a rounded, chubby, almost comical form which is quite reminiscent of a cartoon character. They do not relate to an ideal of bodily perfection like the Neo-Classical sculptures of Stoddart, but present a stylised idea of human and animal forms which are endearing and amusing. Both the man and the dog are pointing their noses at the sky, as though they were sniffing a delicious smell in the air. They also appear to be looking up at the sky, as though an aeroplane or a bird has flown overhead.

They are cast in bronze and they are greenish because of the patina on the surface of the metal. This is a chemical process which can be the result of weathering, or by treating the sculpture with chemicals. There are some fine details around the dog’s peering eyes and the fine curling hairs on its back.


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