SILC (Surrey Indepentdent Living Council

Coniers Way
01483 458 111

Category: Disability

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Voluntary and Community Organisations

Surrey Independent Living Council (SILC) is a voluntary organisation led and run by disabled people. We believe that every disabled adult, child, older person and carer should be able to live independently with the same choices, opportunities and control over their lives as anyone else.

Our specialist, approachable team offer a range of services to help you live independently, whether you receive support from the council, NHS or fund your own care.
Depending on your situation, we can assist with:

deciding whether a Direct Payment is the right option for you
helping you understand how Direct Payments work
helping you to recruit and employ care workers and Personal Assistants
training, including Support with Confidence
practical advice on staying safe and independent at home
providing an Assisted Finance Account to help you manage your finances
support with budgets, bank accounts and financial management
managing your Personal Health Budget or Education Direct Payment