Sisters in Spirit

Ottawa, ON
Ottawa, Ontario, CA

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Sisters In Spirit is a research, education and policy initiative driven and led by Aboriginal women. Our primary goal is to conduct research and raise awareness of the alarmingly high rates of violence against Aboriginal women and girls in Canada. As the national voice of Aboriginal women since 1974, NWAC believes we are in an urgent state of affairs when it comes to the protection and safety of our sisters. Our dedicated SIS staff work to increase public knowledge and understanding at a national level of the impact of violence against Aboriginal women, often leading to their disappearance and death. The first phase of the SIS initiative, which began in 2005, conducts ongoing research that gathers statistical information on violence against Aboriginal women. Our research team has developed a sophisticated database that includes more than 200 variables. To-date, our research proves that there are more than 582 missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls in this country. We continue to update our databases as well as track new cases every week. With this information, SIS investigates the root causes of violence against our mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties and grandmother. We also work closely with families to ensure that their experiences as well as recommendations are well documented and, above all else, focus on restoring the memory of their loved one. The scope and breath of this work has been published along with heartfelt life stories of the women in NWAC’s “Voices of Our Sisters in Spirit: A Report to Families and Communities” 2nd edition (March 2009). SIS shares NWAC’s objective to educate and ensure effective access to justice for families of missing Aboriginal women through awareness of police training and resources to deal with reports of all missing aboriginal women without discrimination. We are always looking for new partnerships and opportunities. Please do not hesitate to contact us.