Stateway Gardens

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Stateway Gardens is currently being torn down and redeveloped as mixed-income, low-rise housing. Completed in 1958, this thirty-three-acre public housing development with eight high-rise buildings and 1,644 apartments was one of the largest of the Chicago Housing Authority's (CHA) projects. The accompanying photograph shows existing housing being cleared for Stateway Gardens' construction. (Chicago History Museum, ICHi - 00792) Stateway Gardens was part of the State Street corridor of high-rise public housing that also included the Robert Taylor Homes. Built within a segregated black neighborhood, the State Street projects became notorious examples of public housing that suffered from high crime rates, high unemployment, and a severe lack of public services. Despite these trials, some residents of Stateway Gardens and other CHA projects also created tight-knit communities and strong, democratic residents' councils. Residents of CHA housing continue to publish a nationally renowned print and on-line newsletter, the Residents' Journal ( The Journal provides residents' perspectives on the contemporary redevelopment of Chicago's public housing and other political issues.