Tan Moh Hong Crocodile Farm

790 Upper Serangoon Road


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The Tan Moh Hong Crocodile Farm began in 1945 with the breeding these reptiles.

Several species of the family crocodylus may be seen at the farm, including the well-known Caiman, Tomistoma and Prosus varieties. The farm also sells leather products created from the crocodiles' hides.

The farm was the creation of a Chinese entrepreneur, Tan Gua Chua, who was captivated by these reptiles. With the assistance of his family members, he made the crocodile sanctuary on the acre of land surrounding his house in the Upper Serangoon area. The operation started with a mere ten crocodiles but with knowledgeable breeding, the number of reptiles increased rapidly. To generate public interest in the establishment Tan kept his farm freely accessible to members of the public. Tan also created a factory in which the crocodile pelts were processed, crafted into different products and then retailed both at the farm's gift shop and in other countries.

On 20 Feb 1972, even Lord Louis Mountabatten, Earl of Burma, visited the reptile farm with his family on a private trip to Singapore. The site remains free and open to the public today.


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