The Granite Tower

31 Abbot Hill Acres
Wilton, NH 03086, US

Category: Outdoor, by appointment

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Labyrinths of New England

Directions/notes: Easy to find: Abbot Hill Acres swings high off Route 101 in Wilton. The Spiral is on private property. Guests are asked to park at the top of the driveway in the area provided and walk down to the Spiral. Respect of Nature is expected. Visitors may each take one river stone from side pile and place it on a line. There is no charge for walking the Spiral. Children should be watched - no running permitted. Take as long as you need.
Contact: Raven & Lyrion ApTower
Phone: 603-654-2186
Fax: 603-654-7345
Schedule: Call for availability
Always open.
Admission: voluntary donation
Type: Other
Material: Rock or Garden
Designer: Raven & Lyrion ApTower
Builder: The Granite Tower Community
Size: Diameter 30-40 feet
Date installed: 1998

Source: World-Wide Labyrinth Locator #4531