The Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum

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The Outer Banks of North Carolina

A unique museum dedicated to preserving and interpreting the rich maritime history of the Outer Banks and the more than 2,000 known shipwrecks that rest off the Outer Banks.

Interior construction continues behind the scenes while a section of the museum is open and a portion of its collections is on display. These include artifacts from diverse sources: the "Lost Lens" from the first Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the Enigma machine from the U-85 (the first U-boat sunk by the Allies), Billy Mitchell's historic bombing achievements off the Cape Hatteras coast, the Union gunboat Huron, the famous Ghostship Carroll A. Deering, ship models and many other exhibits.

End of Hwy. 12 in Hatteras Village, next to the Ferry Landing.

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(252) 986-2995/2996