the transformation of battery park

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*HighWaterLine* - Manhattan, Lower

Watching the transformation of Battery Park over the course of a day is fascinating. Early in the morning it is pretty quiet, mostly locals out walking their dogs and a few tourists who may be a little jet-lagged. As the sun climbs, the hustle begins, the vendor carts are brought in by the truckload, they are all owned by one concession and offloaded in spots around the park. Then come the beginnings of the crowds for the ferry ride to Ellis and Liberty Island. The first trips are early and there is no line, then the line begins. It starts to build up, snaking through the park, as the line grows, the buskers start to show up. The Lady Liberty's (all played by short hispanic men!) and the buskers - who have a finely worked out schedule of performances which allows each troupe to share some time in the prime performance zones. Then as the last boat trips head out, so to do the buskers and vendors of non food items. The food vendors stick around for some of the return passengers, then as the sun sets, the trucks come back again to pick up the carts. The last cruises bring back the weary travelers, and the park empties out again, by night time it is once again locals and their dogs...