The Vegetable Garden

11618 Rockville Pike/md-355 (s)
MD 20852, US

Category: vegan restaurant (fully)

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Vegan Chinese fare with a wide variety of mock meat, vegetable, and organic dishes. A local vegan favorite. Priced from $7.00 to $13.00. Located across from the White Flint Metro station. Hosts fundraisers to support the work of Compassion Over Killing the first Thursday of every month.

At The Vegetable Garden, plants rule! To understand the real versatility of SOY products which is known very high in protein and fiber, almost every Asian eats over hundreds of years! It's a must go and worth most visiting place when dine out.

The Vegetable Garden's mainly entrees have been designated by Suburban Hospital as "Heart Healthy" choice; our sophisticated cuisine and palates set the trend for the young eaters and attract people from all over the world who seeking healthier eating and healthy living! Even Democrat congressman, Joe Lieberman has chosen The Vegetable Garden as one of his prefered dining places periodically over the past several years.

We welcome you to come, enjoy our fabulous and so healthy vegetarian - vegan Chinese cuisine.