The World Trade Center Site

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*HighWaterLine* - Manhattan, Lower

When I was working on the maps and realized the line went right through the middle of the WTC site, I was both surprise, and not. I know there was a huge retaining wall built for the twin towers to keep the hudson from seeping in, I also know the original coastline is around this area, but I was surprised that this wasn't more of an issue in some of the design decisions. Aren't a lot of the memorial designs below grade?
Anyway during the planning process I was asked if I would maybe not draw the line there, that it was too sensitive an area for developers. I said no way, that would just be obvious, look the line doesn't come within two blocks of the site! Of course once I was there I had a lot of trepidation for a different reason, I didn't want anyone to take offense. I also thought there would have been some press interest in this section of the line, but there really wasn't. I guess we just won't talk about it. But really, what a more apt location to talk about it. The threat of climate change could wreck far greater havoc on the lives and economy of NYC than 9/11 did, and we know about it now and have the power/ability and knowledge to act - what is missing? The will to act. Let's take a more careful look at what we are choosing.