Theodore Herzl Public School

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Named for Theodore Herzl (1860-1904), a journalist and playwright in Vienna and France, and an early leader of the movement for an independent Jewish state, this school served North Lawndale's changing needs over the course of the twentieth century. In 1915, it opened as an elementary school for the area's expanding Jewish population, and in 1927, it became a junior college to provide job training and professional classes for upwardly mobile residents. Between April 1944 and December 1945, the building served as a Naval Training College. After the war, Herzl continued to be a junior college, but as black migration into the West Side increased and North Lawndale's population of school-age children grew dramatically, this building once again provided elementary school classes beginning in 1953. Herzl Junior College remained in the City College system, and in 1969 was renamed Malcolm X College, located at 1900 West Van Buren Street.