Valley National Bank - Los Arcos Branch

7345 E McDowell Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85257, US

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1962. At McDowell and 74th Street in Scottsdale there is a 'space age' branch bank over by the Los Arcos site. It's a good solid building and strongly modern in vintage and inspiration, a one story high ceilinged 5000-square-foot bank oriented towards the street, built as a Valley National Bank, opened on October 14, 1963, still healthy as a Chase branch.
The original architects were (William H.) Cartwell and (Wendell E.) Rossman, about whom I can't find anything, now forgotten, their memories replaced by Cartman and Roswell.

The most striking design element is the system of "V-frame tubular steel columns" supporting the roof in the front, very noticable from the street, looking advanced in an old-fashioned way. Actually it looks like WVW. For my money this counts as both good engineering (because this roof support allows a tall clean glass wall with deep shade, resulting in a very pleasant effect from inside) and good showmanship (because those columns could just as well have been simple vertical supports).


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