Valley Plaza/Los Arcos Methodist Church

7425 E Culver St
Scottsdale, AZ 85257, US

Category: Churches

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1966. DEMOLISHED! Its appearance in this spot, and its motto ("Church in the Marketplace"), are connected to the nearby Los Arcos Mall. The low, gentle, almost material exterior shape here is consistent with at least one more church-of-the-future, the 1962 Priory Chapel in suburban St. Louis, and with the old La Concha Motel on the Las Vegas strip. All three of these buildings are derivative of the work of the great Mexican architect-engineer Felix Candela, a true innovator in thin-shell paraboloid concrete structures of the time.

Like this one they tended to be white. They were all round in floorplan, of course. And like any other architectural curves, the twelve arches of Los Arcos required expensive custom construction. The buttresses are a clue that the engineering here was less 'pure' than in other buildings, either by design or in mid-course correction or in retro-fix.


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