Vegan's Delight

3565 Boston Rd/us-1
Tiemann Avenue & Boston Road
New York, NY 10469, US

Category: vegan restaurant (fully)

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Hours: Monday to Saturday 8 am to 6:30 pm
Closed on MLK day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, New Years Day
Fully Vegan, Organic Caribbean,
Menu: Breakfast - Multi-grain Power Porridge, Assorted vegetarian patties, Lunch- Jerked tofu, Stew Peas, Vege-chili, Ackee 'n tuno, Vege Fish Stew, Vege Fried Shrimp, Pepperpot Soup, Red Peas Soup, Dinner - Fish Run Down, Vege Seafood Delight, Vege Sweet&Sour Chik, Vege Lasagna. Assorted Vegetarian Patties - ackees, callaloo, shrimp, lobster, peas, soy, duck, tofu, soy. Samosas.
Breakfast - Power Porridge, Curried lentils, scramble tofu, tofu pups, tempeh, vege fritters, baked beans, seitan
Lunch - chick peas dal, split peas dal, jerked tofu, stew peas, ital stew, curried bean curd, vege fish - all served with choice of boiled green bananas, sweet plantains, w/wheat dunpling, lilla coco, sweet potato, yellow or white yam, tossed salad
Soups - split peas, lentil, gungo peas, pepperpot, red azuki, pumpkin, turtle beans
Dinner - Pepper Steak, eggplant melange, ackee stew, vegetarian/shrimp rundown, curry lentil - all served choice of green bananas, potato salad, mashed coco, broccoli, cauliflower, steamed greens, yellow or white yam, yellow or green plantain, brown rice, basmati rice, breadfruit, millet & pumpkin, quinoa
Drinks- Homemade ginger beer, sorrel, beet/carrot blend, Get Up & Stand Up
Other Info: Take Out, Juice Bar. Accepts-Visa, MC, AMX, Discover, Non-smoking. Price:- under $10