Village Grove

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Modern Phoenix Neighborhoods

This subdivision of large ranch homes features "modern elevation" designs by architect Charles Schreiber in the early 60s. Large, sloping rooflines supported by angled carport posts are common characteristics. This neighborhood was host to Modern Phoenix home tour 2008 in April.

Our readers say:
"A true modern neighborhood, by definition. Although all the homes do not incorporate what we think of today as 'modern lines', the concept behind the entire development was very modern at the time."

"The Modern homes in Village Grove are some of the most unique modern tract home designs in the Valley. They have flown under the radar for many years but now that the architect responsible for the designs has been made public and with the press Village Grove has received their significance can not be ignored. In addition, the limited supply of modern Allieds makes them extremely desirable and in high demand. Allied Modern homes are probably the most difficult of the modern homes to acquire. The area is spotless and the community is perfect."