Village Meadows

Category: Neighborhood/Residence

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Modern Phoenix Neighborhoods

Featuring some modern elevations designed by Charles Schreiber, this neighborhood is a sister to Village Grove in South Scottsdale. Sprawling, low-sloped rooflines and plenty of windows characterize this design.

Our readers say:
" Home values for first time buyers or apartment dweller trade-ups are great. An Alied-built home mirroring those in the Village Grove Historic District can be puchased for under $250K! Infrastructure in the area is constantly improving. Commuting is easy with access to I-17 and the 101. The best feature is, of course, the over 400 Allieds, including 30+ Modern elevations. Anderson and Greenbriar are especially nice streets. Many original neighbors still occupy these houses and keep them looking like they did in the 60s!"