Worrying about appearances

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*HighWaterLine* - Manhattan, Lower

Early in the project, Ed from the Canary Project was talking to some representatives of city agencies about supporting the project. Their general sense was that it was a great project and they wanted to support it. They did voice one major concern however, and that was the line that I was proposing to draw right up to and away from the middle of the World Trade Center site. They didn't want me anywhere near the site. My assumption was concern over appearances to prospective developers and tenants. Ed asked if I would be willing to leave the area out, and I responded with an adamant "no way." To me, it didn't make sense to leave out any part of the story no matter what (if I had teh resources I would complete the remainder of the boroughs). He and I had quite a heated argument about it and his bottom line was, you would lose the city support just to draw the line at WTC? Yes, in fact I would lose that support because I really need to draw the line there. In the end the city was moving too sluggishly anyway and Ed fully supported drawing the line at WTC.