SongFarmers of Big Island, Hawaii

Free Jams

Every Monday 11am 'til dark. Seaview Estates Pavilion currently. (5:30ish).
ALL Levels encouraged to come.
Thousands of song Lead Sheets (chord & word) spanning 4 decades of most styles available.

We expect a core group of 10-12 and an extended group up to 30. One timers (from around the planet) unlimited

Prior to joining Songfarmers, I created and began this group meeting at Ahalanui Park, Pahoa Big Island - every Monday, 11am till dark. We had met for 5 years. Very recently and currently on going, we lost our location to Volcanic eruption lava flow. Our beautiful ocean side park is now the major ocean entry spot for lava. We are meeting at a Private Sub division Park Pavilion invited by residents of the sub-division, Seaview estates, Kalapana Big Island Hawaii.

Aloha, from the Big Island of Hawaii. We are so pleased to be part of this organization, thank you for having us. We meet every Monday for close to an entire day of non-stop acoustic music, have been doing this for 5 years ( I did this at my home in New Hampshire for 10 years - The Barn, Greenfield, NH - prior to retiring). I started it because of active lava flow in Pahoa, we had daily "Civil Defense" announcements and never a mention of defending music (I know, not even related). It was just a theme to get folks to come together and make music in a beautiful gem of an off the beaten path park near my home in Waa Waa. The amount of talented folks here is astounding and they came - build it....... (just like the movie) - It has grown to be known on the entire island chain and players come when on Big Island or visiting from the Madland. Many beautiful, special, one of a kind things to see here in Puna. You must come - we play a huge variety of styles - nothing is not tried.
Come - we are better when YOU are here.............. Aloha. Visit our Facebook page at:
Contact: Thom Gagne -

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