120 Grand Ave.


Where William and Rose Smith Drueke moved in 1908. They and their family lived there 45 years, until 1953.



Grand Rapids

120 Grand Ave NE

120 Grand Avenue and Flanders "20" Suburban, in 1911. From left: Will, 28, Irene, 4, Joe, circa 3 months, Rose, 29, and Marian, 3.

Will, Rose, Children, and Spouses in 1950. Back row: Al Biggins, Jane Drueke Biggins, Joe Drueke, Joan Pike Drueke, Bill Drueke, Jr., Doris McLaughlin Drueke. Front row: Marian Drueke, Will Drueke, Rose Drueke, Rosemary Drueke Griffin. Not shown: Jim Griffin. Photo by Robinson Studio

Drueke Grandchildren in 1950. Back row: Bill Biggins, Gretchen Griffin, Peter Biggins, Bob Griffin, Irene Drueke, Emily Biggins, Jim Biggins, Joe Drueke, Bill Drueke. Middle row: Carole Lynn Drueke, Betsy Drueke, Jim Griffin, Kathleen Drueke, Sarah Biggins, Fred Drueke, David Drueke. Front row: Tom Griffins, Mary Kay Drueke, Susan Drueke. Not yet born: Paul Drueke, Dick Drueke, Rose Drueke, Chris Griffin, Marian Griffin. Photo by Robinson Studio

Four generations at 120 Grand Avenue in 1939: Elizabeth Berles Drueke, 81; Emily Jane Biggins, 1; Jane Drueke Biggins, 25; William Francis Drueke, 56.

Three Drueke brothers, three Berles sisters, and families in the backyard of 120 Grand Avenue, 1931. Adults, from left: Frank Drueke, 45, and wife Bertha Reidel Drueke, 35; Clarence Drueke, 33, and wife Elizabeth "Betty" Drueke; Josephine Berles Drueke, 65 (husband Charles had died in 1928); Paul Hake, 56, and wife Abigail Berles Hake, 59; Elizabeth Berles Drueke, 73 (husband William Peter had died in 1926); and Will Drueke, 48. Children of Frank and Bertha: Mary Louise Drueke, 4, standing in front of Bertha; Edwin Drueke, 7, standing in front of Will. The girl in the middle is unknown. Frank and Bertha Reidel Drueke and children were visiting from Long Island.

Drueke Family, backyard of 120 Grand Avenue, Christmas 1935. From left, Bill, 23; Marian, 28; Jane, 21; Will, 52; Rose, 53; Rosemary, 19; Irene, 28; and Joe, 24.

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