SH 17

State highway

North of Chama NM

Colorado welcome signs

This map shows gateways into the state of Colorado. Click on any of them, and a bubble will appear. Then, if you click on the highway number inside the bubble, you'll link to a photo of the corresponding welcome sign on Bobby Magill's Restless West Photography website: CDoT posts welcome signs at all 41 places where a state-maintained highway exits Colorado (even if the road is not a signed highway across the border, such as SH 116 entering Kansas and SH 318 entering Utah). Understandably, CDoT does not place welcome signs in the opposite situation (where a neighboring state highway ends at the Colorado line, but the road is not a state highway on the Colorado side. Examples include Kansas SH 51, Wyoming SH 10 and SH 430… and then there’s Wyoming SH 70, which actually loops through Colorado for about a mile, but is entirely maintained by Wyoming). Of course, there are hundreds of other roads that cross the state line. If you photograph any signage at one of these non-highway entry points and send me the link, I might add it to this map.