Large Iguana found 2001

Alien Invaders

Late September I spotted an iguana almost 4 ft long sunning itself in a parking lot. I called around to see if its owner was looking for it but found no one and it had dissappeared into the brush while I was looking. Two weeks later it had grown quite cool and I found the iguana again, this time too cool to run. I brought it home and built a large enclosure for it where it lived for years.

Illinois mystery sites

Strange things happen in Illinois. I often take short trips to visit some of the mysterious locations throughout the state. I started this map so I could gauge where these places are. I also learned of many new places and hope the map helps you too. The map is more of a general marker than a detailed description of each spot. Research those that you find interesting, there are lots of books and other websites that can tell you more. I am updating this map often so come back and see what new mysteries have been discovered.
Please email me with anything I should include. Link above